This project started out on a well worn path as a research into the root reasons why Africa, the Blackman and our nations did not have much to show for progress centuries after the abolition of slavery and decades after freedom from colonial forces. Year after year of research things became more exasperating because it was difficult to explain the reason why African nations with the Christian experience could not produce the civilized fruit that the injection of faith normally attracts. The Nigerian case study was particularly worrisome because it was a nation that had everything right on paper to be the lighthouse of Africa but had become the object lesson in failure decades after its independent. As I cross checked the African research papers with my experiences and findings in the area of global terrorism some constants began to emerge and this all pointed to a horrifying conclusion. Believe it or not there is an invisible bloodline that connects all the dots from the slavery experience, the colonial experience to Islamist terrorism.


Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


From the 2014 beheading of James Foley by the ISIS in Iraq to the tragic shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri there is a bloodline that cuts across continents to produce the consistent results. I discovered like Steven Biko, that it was not just about color, whether black or white neither was it a religious, philosophical or political evil. It was something more sinister, ancient and sublime in its delivery. I call it the “Devils Arithmetic” because it works like a satanic self-replicating equation. It’s a machinery that has perfected the use of terror as a tool in social engineering. Applied on a massive scale it creates sub-humans by crushing the human spirit, afflicting the soul to yoke the human body as an economic unit. If you have ever wondered why certain belts on the globe hardly produce any new inventions to benefit mankind you will find the answer in the “Devils Arithmetic”. Want to know why some people groups behave more like beasts, yielding to baser instincts without developing society? The “Devils Arithmetic” is the satanic tool that will ultimately deliver the mark of the Beast. When you strip Islamism of its religious cover you would unearth the evil equation. As you surf through history you will discover its unmistakable signature from age to age. It was the equation that produced the so called Rwandan genocide of 1994 and still walks the streets freely while its victims languish in jail.


The signature of the “Devils Arithmetic” is so pervasive in the modern systems that a believer would easily lose courage yet the greatest legacy that we could leave for our children would be the exposure and decoding of the “Devils Arithmetic” in all its disguises and forms. More so when we all realize that it produces no winners but deforms all mankind wherever it’s applied. The gospel of Christ was designed to deliver the fallen man and we can see that it rarely delivers its true results when applied to beastified men. The next time a whale is washed ashore in Africa and the people consume rather than preserve it please don’t look further than the “Devils Arithmetic” to get the reason why. If your children end up with racist views and have an inheritance of wickedness running in their veins just check the self-replicating ability of a satanic equation that your parents passed to you to give to them in turn.



Millions around the globe rejoiced for different reasons when the 44th president of the United States of Africa was sworn in on the 20th of January, 2009. Barrack Obama the first Blackman to attain that office reached back into time to borrow from Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg’s address and selected “A New Birth for Freedom” as the theme of his inaugural address. Watching the ceremony on cable TV in faraway Africa we saw his electoral victory as as a landmark triumph for human worth across all races and creeds. We perceived the glorious currents of divine restoration at work, celestial machineries that were way above American politics. Approximately 238 miles away from Washington DC at the Bronx Zoo and 96 years earlier it was a different story when Ota Benga the Pygmy kidnapped from the Congo was a subject of ridicule because of his dark skin color. Displayed alongside apes in cages his teeth had been filed to fit the part. Ota Benga finally committed suicide on the 20th March 1916 but the cry of his heart did not go unheeded in the heavens.

I like to think it all finally came together for me in Kigali, Rwanda during an Africa Arise program in 2014. Something exploded inside me as I listened to the mass choir render a worship song in Swahili. The melody was delightful and the amplified sweetness of African praise swelled in the stadium stands where thousands of hands were lifted up in surrender. The interpreter’s voice crackled in my ear piece translating the lyrics of surrender with uplifted hands but something else had overwhelmed my senses. I am not a man that’s given to emotional displays yet I wept as the song progressed. I was glad that I had dark tinted glasses covering my eyes as I grappled to come to terms with the tears that were running down my cheeks. Then it hit that I could hear some sounds laced into the Swahili song. They were shrieks and howls of horror and pain. It was the cries of fresh slaves flinging themselves overboard into the waters of the Atlantic preferring death to the unknown beyond the ocean mingled with the moans of resignation seeping from the lips of the shackled ones as inarticulate prayers for deliverance were offered in fright. I heard the inhuman groans of pain from plantations as welts crisscrossed the bare backs of stubborn slaves that stood in defiance of the extreme cruelties of bondage.

Mounting the podium the next day I shared my spiritual experience and reeled out the story of Ota Benga and its celestial connection to the Obama presidency. The entire stadium stood to its feet as I called for prayers of gratitude in Kigali to the God whose ears were not closed to the desperate cries of Africa something strange happened. The heavens opened and the rains came down for about 10 minutes and Apostle Paul Gitwaza reported and this was corroborated by Evangelist Abraham Olaleye that the rains did not go beyond the stadium. Some deadened souls will wonder what significance this has but I guess that there is a God in Heaven who still does wonders to make us wonder.

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