The resurgence of Islamist terrorism on the global scale has created a brand new form of warfare with expressions that are threatening the established socio-economic-political-religious-military-cultural-ethical and ethnic balance of the contemporary world. The ideological mutation engineered by Osama Bin Ladin in his years of exile in Sudan has outlived his person and career. Osama the terrorist was finally silenced by a US team of Navy Seals on the 2nd May 2011 and buried at sea but the mutation he created did not expire with him. It is widely accepted that Osama bin Ladin applied proven and successful modern business methods to the ancient forms of religious terrorism and adopted a cell growth strategy for the restructure. This modern Islamist machine defies the traditional definitions of warfare because its soldiers do not have any standard uniforms and its battlefields know no boundaries. It uses everyone and anyone that’s willing or gullible and its cell structure produces a multi-headed organism that cannot be destroyed by the elimination of a single unit or team.


THE TERROR ENGINE – The Osama mutation retained the cunning, stealth, guile, patience and cruelty of the ancient versions and has taken the ability to shift shape and change form to another level. In the past decade many nations have expanded their libraries and upgraded their lexicons to accommodate these changes. Nigeria, the giant of West Africa has also been one of the targets of this new war form for about four plus decades but its security apparatus did not have the sophistication needed to diagnose the mutation with accuracy. Even after incidents of terror bombings and suicide attacks were escalated the Nigerian political leadership chose to adopt a wait-and-see attitude hoping the problem would melt away of its own accord. Nigeria stayed in denial until the atrocities of the terror war in Maiduguri attracted global attention and was baptized “boko haram” by the global press. Even after admission the Nigerian response has been bereft of any consistent or coherent strategy. Nigeria responded with the use of military strong-arm tactics without a commensurate media operation to build consensus and mold opinion. The intelligent “global terror” media machinery was quick to exploit the gaps and the government of Nigeria has been on the back foot, responding to “human rights abuse” accusations while the terrorist are advancing their cause. Its ironical that Yusuf the leader of the Maiduguri boko haram was personally responsible for the execution of thousands whose families were never compensated yet Yusuf’s family received a whopping sum of money as appeasement for his extra judicial execution thanks to the deft manipulations of the global press by the terror media arm.


STRATEGIC AFRICAN POINT – In spite of all the lapses and bungling, the Nigerian effort could yet make a major contribution to the global search for the solution to the increasing threat of Islamist religious terrorism. At diverse meetings across the globe counter terrorism experts have aired the opinion that Nigeria is the final frontier in Africa as far as the war against terror is concerned. It is generally agreed that the defeat of democracy by Islamist terrorism in Nigeria would have a domino effect in sub-Saharan Africa. Relevant studies have shown that the Nigerian situation is a peculiar one because its religious terrorism problem is the confluence of an ancient stream meshed together with the recent global resurgence. The form of violent jihad flagged off by Usman dan Fodiye in 1804 has great similarities with the theological position of the Osama bin Ladin machinery for global terrorism and Nigerian historical archives even contain letters that were written by a famous Kanemi-Borno Islamic scholar called El Kanemi challenging the jihad of Usman dan Fodiye because it made no distinctions between the killing of Muslims and non-Muslims in its bid for supremacy.


ANCIENT TERROR TACTICS – The Islamic empire of the Kanem-Bornu to which El Kanemi belonged had been around for more than 300+ years before Usman dan Fodiye settled down in Degel, the domain of the Hausa (Gobir) king. The religious concept that sanctions the use of terror as an instrument in the propagation of theological rule was a part of West African history until the advent of colonial rule. It was a catalyst in the promotion of slave trade and many famous markets of old were controlled by Islamist theocracies. When the British forces defeated the city of Kano in January 1904 and Sokoto in May 1904 the expansion program of the Usman dan Fodiye’s Islamism was brought to a grinding halt. Throughout the colonial history of Nigeria the British kept a watchful eye on the embers of its fires, quenching a Mahdist uprising in 1906.  Fredrick Lugard introduced the indirect-rule-policy and the Emirs were placated for a season as they quietly moved to stamp out all resistance to the jihad in Northern Nigeria. The French colonials were much more watchful and a report produced by a French Administration officer Manguine in 1959 warned about the possibility of a future Islamist religious uprising in Nigeria. The dream of the total Islamization of Nigeria and the entrenchment of sharia rule revived from the moment independence was declared and the country has since been plagued with the diverse war forms towards that goal.


THE MODERN UPGRADE – The official history of the Nigerian state is an amusing collection of concoctions and outright lies that mask the truths that can be gleaned from examining the private letters and memoirs of its founding fathers and key figures. A good many leaders that are being celebrated as nationalists were either men of tribal distinction or proponents of a sectional or religious agenda. The late Sheikh Gumi stands out as one of the key players that preserved the dream of an Islamized Nigeria by means that were consonant with terrorism. He was the key fulfillment of the Manguine prophecy as he rejected all forms of non-Arabic education, persuaded many others to follow suit, lived a Spartan life and worked tirelessly to propagate his beliefs. He was instrumental in the formation of the Jammatu Nasr Islam in 1962 and he motivated the formation of the dreaded Izalla sect, “Jama’tu Izalat al Bid’a Wa Iqamat” when he felt that the older bodies had abandoned the true cause. The strategic location of the Izalla headquarters in Jos, Plateau state in 1978 was no mistake. Gumi was a well-connected zealot who lived by what he preached so much that he took on the establishment and whipped the Emirs into shape with his Islamist opinions. The Maru affair was a landmark achievement of his scholarship and it was his influence and writings that put a stop to the reception of British titles by the Emirs, as he reasoned that the coveted distinctions conferred by the British crown were not consonant with Islamist ideals. He was recently conferred with a post humus Nigerian national honor that he would have rejected on principle had he been alive by the clueless Jonathan Goodluck government in 2014.


PASSING THE BATON – Gumi and men of his ilk understood the shape shifting and form changing power of religious Islamism and they lived and died to prepare the way for the boko haram. The Islamist program has its methodologies of propagation and the process that was ignited in 1804 sponsored an unbroken chain of activities that prepared the grounds for the modern boko haram expression. Many of the events that paved the way for Islamist religious terrorism were surreptitious actions that went unnoticed for years. The registration of Nigeria with full membership of the OIC, the D8 and other religious bodies without the consent of the polity is an example. Very few citizens were awake when the Nigerian Constitution was rearranged to accommodate the return of the full sharia that was excluded by agreement in the Penal Code adopted by the regional government of Northern Nigeria in the Kaduna conference of 1958. The conscious connection between the creation of Jos North local government and the escalation of terrorism in Plateau state is yet to be made by the security apparatus of Nigeria. In recent times it took the vigilance of Nigerian patriots to prevent a bill granting the Fulani herdsmen legal occupancy rights to parcels of land along the ancient grazing trails throughout the nation from being passed in Abuja. Had the bill succeeded it is unlikely that anyone would later connect the escalation of terror activities along the axis with its passage decades earlier. The full-scale oppression of non-Muslims and various other forms of Islamist religious abuse have been the norm in the core northern states of Nigeria. The execution of the Islamist agenda in Nigeria has been accompanied by a traceable blood trail in its unrelenting program but the Nigerian security apparatus has never been able to concatenate its expressions.



A THOUSAND SHADES OF GREY – While the infamous event of September 11, 2001 was a rude shock to the Western world they represented a consistent threat that was ever present in the history of Nigeria. The western world was shocked by the crudity, barbarity and cruelty of the 9/11 attacks but it simply represented a signature that was already familiar in many other parts of the world. As the jihadist operations spurred by the terror “upgrade” engineering of Osama bin Ladin increased across the globe the foremost nations of the world reacted to curb its spread. The modern civilizations that were built on the separation of state and religion have had the most difficult experience with dispensing justice because the Islamist religious package was a shape shifter that was capable of wearing different forms to suit different terrains. Many modern nations were built on precepts that take basic truths for granted and they were at a loss when Islamism presented its own version of reality. Western theories of equitable justice could not pigeon hole the operations of jihadist whose doctrines are built on a system that promotes a thousand shades of grey. The modern jihad operations were premised on religious foundations that had modern democracies treading on eggshells yet its atrocities were obvious breaches of the law. The threat had laid low for a few centuries while Western civilization was rising. It had masked its evil brilliance with a cloak of sheepish submission and its patience had been mistaken for surrender.


GENERATING CONFUSION – Passing its venom from generation to generation, its morbid hatred for plurality had been well preserved under the radar till it mastered the modern weapons and systems that would give it fresh expression. At the point when western philosophies thought that religion was generally on its way out, Islamism revived to teach the world a lesson about the hidden power of the heart and its disdain for technological prowess of the brain. It came prepared with arguments that democracy was not expecting so much that an internationally acceptable definition of terrorism is yet to be adopted. Some scholars tried to explain the resulting confusions as a clash of civilizations while others begged to differ. The amorphous nature of this resurgent socio-cultural-judicial-economic-political-militaristic-ethical confusion that is garbed in a religious cloak has introduced a new dynamic into global affairs. This opportunistic dynamic has exploited every flaw, crack and crevice in the institution of democracy to present the world with an alternative that was inconceivable a few decades ago. The Western world responded with military campaigns backed by intelligence gathering mounted on the background of media operations designed to rally its citizens around the hard earned freedoms of modern democracy.


CUNNING RESPONSES – Islamism has cunningly responded to the democratic rallies by showcasing modern Islamic nations that boast all the modern conveniences that were the preserve of Western civilizations in the past. Using the double shuffle Islamism quietly associates its cause with the progress presented by Middle Eastern communities that ignore the basic principles of equality on which democracy stands. The glittering cities of the United Arab Emirates are an argument that democracy cannot silence. This persuasion has impacted the third world and other non-Western nations to a greater degree than most conventional military strategists imagine. The globe has been presented with a creed that is prepared to cross all borders to equip all men with a uniform language, a uniform worldview, a uniform direction, a uniform diet, a uniform creed and a common goal without the aid of democratic tenets. This creed is a silent enemy of the principles of diversity in plurality. When accosted with democratic accusations of gender abuse and inequalities the creed is quick to present a counter accusation about godless licentiousness and demonic freedoms of the West! Tourists are flocking into the UAE in droves to compare Dubai with New York, and Abu Dhabi with London. Islamism is telling the world “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” and encouraging the world to re-examine the freedom that produces drug abuse, child molesters and sex fiends in comparison to the strict adherence that produces cities where precious goods can be left unprotected in the streets. An honest global appraisal of the new dynamic from the basic African perspective would show that the situation is weighted in favor of Islamism unless the democratic world is able to introduce a “game-changer” that can separate Islam as a religion from Islamism the menace in a more convincing way. Until its religious garb is shredded Islamism will continue to have the edge in its march across the globe.


THE AFRICAN CONTRIBUTION – When all is said and done the greatest strength of Islamism is its religious cover and this precisely is where the African experience could come in useful! There is practically no other record in human history where the violent sword of terror has been curtailed and neutralized by socio-cultural devices to separate Islam from Islamism as demonstrated by the testimony of 1,400 years of religious harmony found among the Yoruba “tribal nation” of West Africa. The Yoruba are best defined today by an ethnic group in southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin of West Africa. Estimated to be about 45 million in number the majority dwell in Nigeria. The Yorubas are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa and speak a robust tonal language. Large populations of the Yoruba be found in Togo, Liberia and Sierra Leone among the Saro and Creoles. Displaced by Atlantic slave trade the Yorubas have significant numbers in Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago and in recent years they can be counted in millions all over Europe and the United States. The Yoruba are easily identifiable because of their irrepressible cultural refinement but the present generations are mostly unaware that their refinement process was a gift from a North African emigrant.


UNIQUE CULTURAL TERROR INHIBITORS – The unique ability to curtail and defang religious extremism was written into the DNA of the tribal nation by the social engineering of its founding father. Oduduwa the indisputable patriarch of the Yoruba’s was actually a North African whose family was affected by the Islamist terrorism of his day. Driven by the sword of Islamism he travelled with a caravan and settled in the aboriginal community of Ife in the 9th century.  He initiated a socio-cultural revolution in the 13 communities of the aboriginal settlement and became its king. Ile-Ife became the epicenter of a kingdom that expanded to cover a vast territory that included parts of modern day Ghana. The bronzes and terracotta antiquities of ancient Ife are a testament to the greatness and refinement that this social engineer introduced into West Africa. The brilliance of his legacy can be seen in the civilizing program – called omoluabi – that has survived and is still thriving today. He reached into his personal experience of terrorism in North Africa to create a special civilizing program that was primed to neutralize religious extremism. This program has been an unequalled success for 1,400 years such that there has been no record of violent conflict among the religious groups that serve the pantheon of 402 gods worshipped by the Yoruba’s. This, in spite of the fact that each religion is very well defined with dedicated priesthoods and articulate liturgies. Interfaith marriages have been a constant and families have remained stable making the radicalization process extremely difficult.


HISTORICAL PROOF – A case in point would be the Fulani jihadist war that conquered the Yoruba city of Ilorin in 1830. It was expected that the the Yoruba community would be radicalized and primed as a base for further operations but all evidence points to the contrary. The pervasive influence of the omoluabi program absorbed the violent bent of the conquerors and restored the high values of civilized living. A part of the genius of the omoluabi application was its family based insemination system. The extended family structure favored by Africans seemed to give it additional strength because the family bonds were welded to seal the cracks that the radicals exploit. Its program worked perfectly to prevent violent conflict in a community that had 402 deities and it went on to prove its efficacy when Muslim and Christian interests clashed. Yoruba marriages have continued to accommodate interfaith marriages with ease.


A CIVILIZING PROGRAM – The omoluabi legacy is somewhat similar to the Greek insights or philosophies that ended up dominating their Roman conquerors and the Babylonian civilizations that absorbed all its conquerors. If anything the labors of Oduduwa the North African emigrant is worthy of study in social engineering because of the civilizing legacy he gave to a West African tribal nation. One of the major inhibitors to the “boko haram” quest in Nigeria is the natural resistance that the Yoruba Muslims continue to manifest when radical clerics begin to make unreasonable demands. It is a standing truth that the Yoruba Muslim that has been subject to the civilizing program of the patriarch Oduduwa is difficult to radicalize. The ability to separate Islamism from true Islam remains a strong part of the legacy. There are several components in the omoluabi program that add strength to its efficacy against radicalism and each one should be thoroughly analyzed to isolate the active ingredients. Take for example the clear demarcation that distinguishes the character of the deity called Esu or Exu. Wherever and whenever unwarranted conflicts arose with untraceable roots the mischief-maker Esu had to be the one behind the scenes. Copious bloodshed, wanton destruction and hatred for peaceful coexistence are his spiritual signature and this dishonest deity was a pathological liar. He was known to rejoice whenever his seeds of discord could create conflicts that would produce blood feasts to slake his thirst.


ISOLATION OF TERROR DEVICES – This deity called Esu Odara was served by a priesthood whose major preoccupation was to assist his victims in the offering of libations and appeasements to divert attention unto others. The priesthood was also trained to recognize Esu’s handiwork irrespective of the disguise or cloak adorned to propagate his evil works.  The brilliance in this arrangement was that it could help to isolate Exu’s work and separate it from every other spiritual manifestation. This basic tool meant that the work of a deity called Oya for instance could not be mistaken for Exu’s handiwork. In its modern application the Yoruba Muslim would easily separate the true tenets of Islam from the handiwork of Exu in the practice of his religion. Till date the evil works of Esu are so well outlined that they cannot be confused with the work of any other deity. Wherever there is inexplicable confusion, copious bloodshed or untraceable chaos all fingers would be pointed at Exu the trouble-making nuisance deity. All Yorubas know that devaluation of human worth and gross abuses of the human body form are his trademark. The absence of such authoritative distinctions in democratic lexicons is what has given Islamism the undue advantages. Until such distinctions are absorbed it would forever be difficult to address Islamist issue without treading on dangerous religious ground.



COMPONENT ANALYSIS – If the components in the omoluabi program are well analyzed and upgraded for modern use it would be very easy to separate Islam from Islamism. The modern upgrade of the omoluabi program could be adapted for global use. It is engineered to supply the human conscience with basic tools for discernment.  If the citizens of Nazi Germany had been equipped with such a simple social engineering device Adolf Hitler’s mesmerism would have met with stiffer resistance.  It took about two years for some form of justice to be dispensed after the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and the root causes of the great crime remained largely unaddressed. Nobody was in doubt that the Exu was let loose during the 100 day orgy of violence that filled the streets with blood and left 1,200,000 dead. If the Rwandan people had access to this simple social engineering device it’s arguable that the genocide could have been prevented. Human slave trade prospered because the consciences of good men were seared by the assertions of Darwin’s theory of Evolution. The idea that Blacks were sub-human would have been correctly labeled as the devils handiwork (ise esu) and the computations of financial profits would have been exposed as a part of the devils arithmetic. The virtue capsuled in the socio-cultural legacy of Oduduwa’s civilizing omoluabi program could be subjected to thorough component analysis and refined to increase its power to defang Islamism or any other form of religious extremism. The Crusades that were triggered by Pope Urban II’s declarations at the Council of Clermont on 27 November 1095 would not have lasted for long if the omoluabi program had been available for application. Religious extremism cloaked itself with Catholicism and used terror as a weapon for almost 200 years before the campaign ran its course.


CASE STUDY IN BRITAIN – The gruesome murder of the British soldier identified as Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers by two black Britons on the 23rd of May 2013 sent shock waves through the global community. The ripple effect was particularly magnified in West Africa within the 35 million strong Yoruba tribal nation in Nigeria. It was indicative from their surnames that the two Islamist terrorists that perpetrated the crime, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were of Yoruba extraction. African names are generally descriptive, more so with the Yoruba social engineering where the trained ear can deduce specific bits of information once the names are mentioned. The entire Yoruba nation recoiled with shock for reasons that went beyond the gruesome nature of the murder and extremist position of the boys.  A swift and efficient probe was launched through the traditional grapevine to investigate the birthplace, version of parental nurture, major religious influence that produced the monsters. The results of the quiet probe were a confirmation of the first suspicions of the Yoruba community. It was revealed that the boys were British born and bred and only had token Yoruba names because of their parents. They were from Christian homes as the birth names suggested and had been converted into Islam and then radicalized by local British influences.


RELEVANT DEDUCTIONS – The boys had never been to Nigeria and were never at any time subject to the traditional training devices that all genuine Yoruba citizens undergo. If the results had been otherwise the Yoruba nation would have sounded a global alarm because it would have meant that an ancient code of religious tolerance that is embedded in the citizen training program and governing “omoluabi” ethos of the Yorubas had been decoded! It would have meant that the 1,400 success of a unique conflict management device had come to an end. The religious tolerance factor embedded in the program has been so successful that the extensive societies governed by the “omoluabi” ethos have been immune to religious radicalization for the past 1,300 years.  We need to know that the omoluabi ethos can be viewed as a computer program that was downloaded into the omoluabi citizen through socio-cultural devices starting from the cradle until the files were transferred into the near adult citizen. Once the download was complete a seasoned citizen would emerge equipped with sophisticated conflict resolution tools and firewalls to resist irrational influences.


A LASTING LEGACY – When Islamism made its entry into the West African kingdoms and communities that came out of the Ile-Ife revolution the socio-cultural firewalls had become so entrenched that religious radicalization was severely frowned upon and resisted. In a counter move the jihadist baptized the custodians of the omoluabi with an appellation that has stuck till date. The term “Yoruba” came into being as a Fulani-Hausa coinage that meant “a worthless person”! It is said that the omoluabi communities responded by baptizing the religious cloak of the aggressors with a term describing it as a stressful acquisition of knowledge. Most of the “Yoruba” Muslims of old accepted Islam as a religion because they were persuaded and the idea of a religious creed that had to be received at gunpoint would have been odious put off. Communication skills are a very important part of the omoluabi program and ability to put the right words to use in the discussion of thorny issues is encouraged. The average product of the omoluabi program would be a seasoned diplomat and graduate of the school of proverbs and adages. Words are considered to be vehicles that can be weighted to thrash out any issue under the sun. This is why the violent and coercive methods of the boko haram have not gone down well in the South West of Nigeria.  It would not be unreasonable to wonder why this tested and true program has not been upgraded and employed in the war against terror in Nigeria. Modern African life is full of paradoxes and Nigeria is the richest poor country on the continent. The strongest weak link in the chain of African nations!


BASIC CHALLENGES – The first challenge is that West African custodians of the civilizing program that was authored by a North African emigrant have absorbed the omoluabi ethos to such a degree that it has taken on a ethno-tribal definition. At a preliminary test run it was surprising to discover that the average Yoruba person was averse to publishing the facts of Oduduwa’s roots in North Africa! This is further complicated because of the deep divides of distrust between northern and southern Nigeria. On a normal day northern Nigeria would embrace the work of the North African social engineer called Oduduwa but the misuse of social engineering tools has promoted a complication in the myth of prince Bayajjida of Bahgdad the purported patriarch of the seven legitimate northern tribes and seven bastards tribes (banza bakwai). Especially when the Yorubas were mischievously cast as the 7th bastard by that myth. If the work of eminent professors of History like Ade-Ajayi and the late Akinjogbin are to believed Oduduwa the Patriarch of the Ife civilization is without doubt a North African emigrant while the prince Bayajjida is a concoct of some fertile imagination. To assist in the documentation of the truth a historical study into Ododuwas North African heritage has been commissioned. Its final reports will be published to eliminate all doubts and contentions. Nigeria comprises of 250 tribal groups with more than 520 languages and its constituent parts are consistently at loggerheads because of the unaddressed colonial inheritance that was designed to keep it divided for ease of domination . (This structural failure is well addressed in my audio book that details the effects of slavery dubbed “The Devil’s Arithmetic”). Beyond the conflicting tribal sentiments  the Nigerian national government was in denial for ages refusing to accept the reality of the boko haram threat until the issue became an international embarrassment. The security apparatus of the nation has lacked the sophistication needed to concatenate reports that would expose the true nature of the boko haram threat and this handicap means that the institutions of government that would have been useful in tackling the challenge are now heavily compromised. It is also regrettable that national leadership has not demonstrated the courage required to tackle threat. Even if the national leadership mustered the courage to address the issue directly the moles within would be difficult to flush out because of the unhealthy tribe based rivalry at the center of all national issues. The Nigerian corruption factor has weakened the moral fibre of the nation terribly and the terror campaign has capitalized on this huge failing to create disaffection at all levels.



PRACTICAL ASSESMENTS – The field of social engineering has never been the playground of the faint hearted and the perfection of this proven African concept as an inhibitor and neutralizer to the resurgence of Islamism will require tactical brilliance and courage because of the paradigm shifts that are involved. The perfection of the upgrade would contain a high research element and the politics of consensus building. The Nigerian “boko haram” problem could be reduced by as much as 75% within 18 months if the upgrade is implemented but the odds are against this because all pointers show that the government of Goodluck Jonathan does not have the understanding or moral strength to implement this solution. The list of those who received the nations highest honors in 2014 contained the name of one character that would never have consented to the post humus award. Sheikh Gumi was a consistent witness for the enforcement of the sharia across Nigeria. He was the embodiment of the boko haram principle and campaigned against Emirs receiving British awards until it was implemented. His vociferous opinion was hinged on the premise that such awards were needless trophies for religious dialogue platforms that were countered productive to his quest. The 2014 post humus award is a sure sign that the government did not do its homework properly and it contains influential followers of the Gumi creed. Sheikh Ahmed Gumi took the mantle where his father left off and a perusal of his hate speeches about the Nigerian constitution and Christian element speak volumes. The misplaced award tells us that the Federal Government is truly clueless as to the true nature of Islamist terrorism and its methods of propagation.


THE NIGERIAN CONUNDRUM – Time is fast running out for Nigeria and the boko haram will gradually overrun the nation if there is no change of policy to match the intelligent war that is being waged by the insurgents. There is very little hope from the religious institutions in Nigeria because the apex Christian body is bedeviled by internal strife and compromise. Reasonable and moderate Muslim clerics are being hounded as traitors and the Nigerian military will eventually become weary as the war drags on. The failure of government to understand and check the effects of terror on the public will give rise to disaffection and the vacuum created by the absence of any serious attempt to curb corruption will accelerate the melt down. Wasted generations of Nigerian youths will become more susceptible to terror propaganda as the day of reckoning approaches. The meltdown will catch many by surprise and the resulting refugee movements will be a nightmare that the globe cannot afford. Many of the leaders that can make a difference have been blinded by their political ambitions and don’t have the patience to understand the tactics of terrorism. The greatest ally of the boko haram insurgence is the clueless government of president Goodluck Jonathan and its refusal to appreciate the artistry of Osama bin Ladin’s legacy to global terrorism. Terror intelligence and its government moles are at work from within while the terror media management boadcast to confuse the country. Terror financiers continue to be celebrated and the terror clerics are recruiting fresh hands without much stress.  Nigeria’s current focus on the military operations without addressing these other fronts adequately is a recipe for certain failure.


THE FOREIGN POLICY ANGLE – As the window closes with every passing week there are still some decisive actions that Nigeria can take to reverse the present tide. One nagging problem that has unwittingly fueled the “boko haram” insurgency is the dollar backed United States policy of “religious dialogue” that has encouraged preponderance of ham politico-religious photo shoots displaying religious moderates jaw-jawing while the extremists do their own thing. The flaw in the policy was the absence of benchmarks to monitor the effects of the highly publicized events. Studies done by the Christian Association of Nigeria showed that terror attacks multiplied wherever the religious dialogues were staged and the Catholic denomination with the best track record for cooperation was the worst hit. The solution would be an upgrade to a “progressive dialogue policy” with benchmarks to prevent terrorists from using the events as public relation covers. The initial joy that greeted the intervention of the former British Prime Minister turned sour when his foundation joined the “religious dialogue” bandwagon in a total reversal to the decisive position Tony Blair took during the 7/7 affairs in London. Africans by nature are very exuberant communicators and Nigerians more than most.  There had never been a scarcity of dialogue between religious moderates and the currency backed dialogue sessions became a cash cow that was milked to enrich people who did not need to be paid to communicate while foreigners were rewarded with the feel-good-factor that announced to the world that they were “doing something”.


THE AMERICAN PROGRESSION – So long as foreign nations continue to sponsor the counter productive dialogue sessions while ignoring our calls for “progressive religious dialogue” suspicions will remain that there are ulterior motives. The smell of mischief was in the air when the State Department of the US Government refused to vote the boko haram as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and the alarm bells went off when it was discovered that 20 professors had been hired to rebrand the terrorist group as freedom agitators. The matter was deemed serious because the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and Justice Department were all in favor of the designation. The jaundiced opinion aired by Ambassador Johnny Carson (representing the State Dept) at the US Congressional hearing on the Nigerian problem read like a chapter from a fiction novel and Nigerians present at the meeting were stunned at the brazen misrepresentation of the “boko haram” as a non-Islamist anti-corruption crusade force. It was worrisome that the US interpreted the 4 incidents on the 9th of September 2001 as an act of war and the British Government toed the same line during the 7th of July 2003 but the same nations refused to acknowledge more than 1,000 Islamist assaults in Nigeria as acts of war! British relief groups continue to assist the “boko haram” in undermining the unity of Nigeria by administering aid on the basis of the colonial arrangement of Northern and Southern Nigeria.  While the Nigerian democracy is definitely flawed and corruption riddled the option of an Islamist Nigeria is not something the globe can afford. If ever any lessons were learned in Afghanistan the world would admit that Islamism was grossly underestimated.


MODERN APPLICATIONS  & A “TERROR” MANDELA –  The African world believes that there are dimensions to the Islamism problem that represent quantities that modern mindsets will never understand. Islamism represents a challenge that will require global cooperation on fresh templates. This is one reason why Nigeria must not be permitted to go under the sword of Islamism. Interestingly the proposed upgrade of the Omoluabi program can be perfected and put to experiment in the Nigerian situation and its success would stir indignation against Islamism across the rest of Africa so that the application would become a double-edged sword. The upgrade and fresh application of the omoluabi program would help to cure the corruption monster while inhibiting the spread of Islamism. The gains could trigger a reverse immigration pattern go relieve the globe. In the event that a global cooperation could be amassed to test run the omoluabi upgrade Nigeria would supply a ready made platform for its trial. By divine providence the policies and positions of the “unusual governor” of the state of Osun in South West Nigeria positions him as the perfect bullet head for operation.  Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is a highly respected Muslim that wears his faith on his sleeves. He is by reputation an uncompromising social reformer and he is also regarded as the modern embodiment of the omoluabi program. Rauf Aregbesola could develop to be to Islamism what Mandela represented to apartheid.  He is presently the model Muslim whose ability to discern and separate the devils works from religion should be the rallying point of Nigeria’s salvation from the sword of violence. Rauf has to come to the understanding that his life was divinely designed to be larger than the politics of the South West of Nigeria just as Mandela grew to understand his life mission. In recent times Rauf has been calling for a collective statement from Nigerian Muslims to unite against the boko haram. This rallying cry is something that must not be discountenanced.


DEVELOPING THE “TERROR” MANDELA – Its perhaps amusing that the person who should be valued as the bridge builder in Nigeria has been accused severally by myopic Christian leaders and blind political opponents. It is fact that he borrowed Islamic Banking funds heavily to invest in education and has the distinction of being the “unusual governor” that equipped all school children with computer tablets to eliminate the need for textbooks. The computer tablets all have the Koran, the Bible and the Ifa divinity chronicles loaded side by side yet his detractors continue to accuse the omoluabi exemplar of being a terrorist in disguise! Some clear cut thinking is required such that Rauf should be reappraised and empowered as a national bridge builder. The separation of religion (esin) from devilish works (ise-esu) would be his mandate to both the Muslim and Christian divisions in the nation. Many have objected to his recognition of African traditional religions but the argument of a level playing field is a much better option than blood filled streets. Besides this the modern religious leaders might need to dig up history to learn how the missionaries were able to demonstrate the greater advantages of their faith over the traditional creeds by action rather than mere words. Adapted and applied across the globe, the spin-off from the proposed social engineering exercise would generate the same effect in the Black communities of the US, Britain and other European nations if its properly executed. There is absolutely no reason why the ancient legacy of North African social engineer that has been kept in trust by a West African community cannot be rebranded to power the resurgence of Pan-Africanism and its attendant abhorrence for Islamist propaganda. It is fact that practically every African community has its own equivalent of the omoluabi program although the degrees of articulation differ.


SIMILAR APPLICATIONS – The South African “Ubuntu” ethos for example is practically a mirror image of the proposed omoluabi program.  The major edge that the omoluabi has as a socio-cultural inhibitor to Islamism derives from the negative experience of its author in the 8/9th century Islamist wars of North Africa. Community Centers built on the omoluabi program would evidently be a run away success in the UK and the USA. It would provide the youths with an attractive alternative to religious radicalism and reconnect many to their African roots in a non-threatening way. The restoration of dignity to the Black communities in the Diaspora would work to diminish the chances of radicalization among the youths.


TTHE TIME FACTOR – Nigeria is a time bomb that is ticking away and the specter of its melt down is a real and present danger that the globe cannot afford. Islamist terror will continue to escalate if the Nigerian political leadership were permitted to continue its ill advised and uninspiring campaigns. The boko haram has been allowed too much latitude and is use of terror has succeeded to a greater degree than is admitted. If the Federal Government has conducted any study on the “psychological effect” of terror on a civilian populace its yet to be reflected in its policy direction. Nigerian authorities have tried to erect a news blanket on terror activities and made attempts to falsify casualty figures as control measures. The outdated tactics were inherited from the military past and are counter productive because citizens have grown to distrust the government sources. Truth is a tool in social engineering that has to be deployed with wisdom when terror issues are in focus. The global social media cannot be ignored and truth must be used to build up confidence and mold consensus against the atrocities of terrorism. The natural defense mechanism of the human mind tends to erect blockades when confronted with extreme cruelty and overwhelming threats. Fear can be contagious and terror mongers use this factor effectively in reporting acts of terrorism but the situation is worsened when truth is mismanaged and the darkness of fear is allowed to feed on rumors and negative assumptions. The omoluabi program that has succeeded in curtailing Islamism for 1,400 years without a primary reliance on military force must contain elements that fortify the heart against fear and hysteria. The details and devices employed in the social engineering legacy of the 9th century North African emigrant really needs to be researched and studied in great detail so that the modern world can benefit from its hidden treasures.


PEACE MAKING OPERATIONS – Nigeria’s overall strategy has to be revamped and re-engineered to make the military effort a part rather than the main thrust of the cure. The Nigerian nation and the globe by extension could make great progress towards the goal of equitable peace and democratic stability if the Federal Government of Nigeria were to embrace the Track III diplomatic options presented by the United Nations as the platform on which the omoluabi program would be executed and supervised. The parallels between this approach and available devices like the Levant Option cannot be ignored and there would be no need to reinvent the wheel were diplomatic tools are available to enhance the chances of success. The building of long lasting peace is an intensive and delicate process but the omoluabi card could provide accelerators to quench the fires of the boko haram in Nigeria and supply useful materials for use in the global war against terror. Great maturity would be demanded of the Nigerian religious leaders and the media too would have to play a signicant role in opinion molding and consensus building. The political class in Nigeria would have to remove their blinkers to understand that the total collapse of a Nigeria under the weight of the boko haram war machine is a possibility that must not be handled with kids gloves.  The political front has to be impressed that the defeat of boko haram and the eradication of corruption cannot be separated. The national president must be persuaded to recognize the truth that the nation is already at war! The regularization of the war status at the highest level of governance will enable Nigeria to face the threat squarely and the different arms of governance would have to refocus on the stability and assurance of our future as a nation. The omoluabi program can then become a double edged sword to neutralize boko haram activities and eliminate corruption with one stroke.





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  1. Beautiful article,well reseached and thought provoking. However donot call the President clueless,he is the best President Nigeria has ever had.But the blind can’t see.


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