My Blog Opener (an appeal to the world)

Please give me a few minutes of your life as I make a strong appeal to you for urgent help. As you have probably guessed I am an African male in dire straits but what I need from you has nothing to do with money. I don’t need a dime of your money but I need assistance that’s much more than that. First of all I will need sound counsel from you and then I will require a listening ear to offload my burden so that you can share it if you think it’s worthy. Please do not be offended by my lack of tact and refinement because there is a real and present danger that could take the lives of millions if we do not find the wisdom to avert a national calamity.

Now this is my challenge, I was born in a nation that lacks nothing in terms of natural endowments and human capital. On a normal day my nation would be one of the wealthiest on the planet but decade after decade we have struggled with the simplest of tasks and failed woefully. Our paradise was and still is being ravaged both from without and within such that life has become a living hell. Things are now so bad that our youths are braving desert treks in droves to escape the nightmare that daily living has become. To compound our many problems there is a cloud of deception covering our skies and we are all involved in a national lie that nothing can go wrong when we are already a few steps away from total collapse.

I have taken out about 20 years plus to study, decode and trace the single root from which all our problems extended into multiple heads. I believe that the root problem can be solved given time and opportunity but the reason why I am making this strong appeal is that we may have run out of time. The violence and bloodshed has started already and is increasing daily, the value of human worth has dipped to an all time low and the combination of deep poverty plus corruption have disabled our defenses. In the course of my duty as a consultant I have been exposed to both low and high places and it is my observation that the tide that’s sweeping everyone towards the day of destruction is indeed overwhelming. Our case is like that of a careless cancer patient that has permitted the corruption to spread unchecked.

What do you think can be done because we are practically a few months away from a cataclysm that could make the Rwandan genocide seem like child’s play? From all data collected it would seem that certain foreign nations are not only approving the approaching tsunami but are craftily edging us towards it with deceptive economic tranquillizers. Until a few years ago we were beguiled into thinking that we were bullet proof! Even when the reality of our situation became clear we receded into denial because of fear. When the volcano finally erupts my people are going to act surprised even though we have actively violated every known principle of peace for decades. If this drift is not arrested the globe will be faced with a crisis of apocalyptic proportions.

Is there any way that we can buy time? Millions of our bruised citizens are already scattered far and wide across the globe and most could not care less. The nations that border our country detest us and some hate our arrogance with a passion. I don’t think we would get any sympathy from our neighbors in that day of trouble. Does anyone know how we can break the trance that has infused our citizens with a bullet proof mentality? Within the nation most citizens have realized that we do not have time to play the blame game, if anything we are all guilty whether by commission or omission. I have to confess that our reputation is not without spots. One good reason why you might overlook our overbearing, brutish and unrefined bravura is that our nation has a heart of gold buried under all our psychological posturing. If our nation can be truly salvaged we could pave the way for the restoration of Africa and the Black race.

On a final note I will mention that the root cause of this real and present danger is something that can only described as “the Devils Arithmetic”. By definition it is an equation that sponsors a hopeless situation where everyone blames everybody not knowing that everyone is a victim! It’s an equation that can be solved but the time factor is not in my nations favor. It’s this equation that has rendered us foolish in our collectivity despite the individual brilliance that characterizes our citizens. If your counsel can help us to buy time we will be able to discuss the devilish equation and its remedy in due season. Please help us and don’t be miffed that I have not revealed the identity of my nation. I am looking forward to some practical tips because we are already one of the most religious nations in the world! My people already pray at all times, in all ways, for all things, by all means.

You can live beyond your lifetime if you invest in constructive thoughts because thoughts are the building blocks of all forms of life. The ability to clothe the invisible, chart the unseen and probe the intangible is a product of processed thinking. A person who knows the value of thoughts can dream beyond barriers to mark realities before they are discovered. Have you noticed that the sci-fi innovations of yesterday are the business tools of today. The communication modules of the futuristic sets of yesteryear are nothing more than the basic mobile phones of modern business.

Advanced civilizations and primitive societies are separated by the value they give to structured thinking and there is no community that can advance beyond its commonwealth of thoughts. You would be surprised to discover that the average person’s life on this globe is governed by products, traditions, and structures erected from the thoughts of men who were buried long before most were born! For centuries malaria ravaged the continent of Africa until the tiny parasite carried by the mosquito was fingered as the culprit. Prior to this discovery the dreaded malaria fever was thought to be the handiwork of witches and wizards. Its shameful to admit that more died from the accusation of sorcery than the actual malaria victims.

The illusion that people are separated by color, race and creed is one of the oldest falsehoods in the history of mankind. In reality all entrenched organizations are a product of the fiercest form of war known to mankind. It’s the victorious mindset of all clashes that dictates what obtains. To discover the true source of controls in any community, society or nation all you have to do is trace the root of the governing concepts. Why should one man’s food be another man’s god? Life would probably be easier in India if the true source of the mindset that venerates cows could be pinpointed with accuracy.

Every time people ask me about the path to true success in life what comes to mind is the story of Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment. It is said that he flew a kite in a thunderstorm on the 10th of June in 1752 with a key attached connected to a string and a Leyden jar. For the first time in human history he was able to trap the electrical discharge in lightning to prove a point about electricity. Everything in the modern world is more or less powered by electricity and it is debatable that he could have known that one single decision to conduct what his neighbors probably thought was an eccentric exercise could have lead to such an awesome release of energy!  Decades ago I was confronted with a choice and took one furtive step into the uncharted waters of spiritual dimensions. It was a decision that would lead me into the answers that men have sought from the dawn of time. Now I have something sharper than the grand synthesis that eluded centuries of scholasticism not to mention the unique insights into the depressing African questions.

“What is life?”
“Who am I?”
“Why am I here?”
“What is death?”
“What comes after?”
“Where did evil come from?”

Technological progress is proof positive that structured thinking is more productive than mindless meander yet the great disadvantage of scientific thinking is its self-defined limitation in handling matters that lie outside the spectrum of the physical world. Science continues to launch rockets into space hoping that extraterrestrial forms of life will be discovered and its almost amusing that scientists cannot see that the human race is sharing this world with invisible beings. Africa has ample proof of that dimension of life but we cannot make any significant contributions until we engage a structured approach to spiritual dimensions. Western civilization will ultimately run out of ideas as long as its progress is tied to the apron strings of technological frontiers. The answer to the issues of life and death, origin of life and purpose of human existence does not lie in outer space. The key to the future of mankind is the same key that will unlock its past and this is the contribution that African scholarship is poised to make as time runs it course towards the day of transition. I am an African and a student of life that has concluded after 3 decades of intense research that the illogical logic of faith is the only key that opens the door of spiritual dimensions. Leaning heavily on centuries of the collective African experience with the negative aspects of spiritual dimensions it can be proven that the person of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible is the only safe and constructive way to access spiritual dimensions. Once any individual can get past the illogical logic of trusting in the report of the only man that was born by a virgin, safe access will be gained into an entirely different world. By and by you will discover that the spiritual dimension opens you to a resource that is more real than concrete. It’s an experience that goes beyond religious highs and moral regulations. It has given me access to what I call the ultimate technology of heaven that gives you the opportunity to help others when all else has failed. In some aspects it’s similar to surfing the Internet to experience things that can be applied practically. I have seen pupils form in the eyes of a blind girl to the delight of her parents. I have seen cancers dissolve and recently witnessed a replacement lung grow after multiple operations left a man with one functioning lung. In every case mentioned I could supply you with the names and details that can be verified with hospital records. My greatest excitement derives from the spiritual fellowship that the spiritual interface provides through Jesus Christ. To have located what my ancestors sought for centuries without success is no small event. These things and more will be shared with a readiness to all that care to ask. It would be a tragedy to get caught in the traps of ancient religious rites or the modern I-feel-awright options when the door for a direct relationship with God is so available.

Scientific progress is based on the sequential arrangements of thoughts that are processed within the confines of concrete human reasoning

God will forever be God so long as God can process, direct and manipulate thoughts in dimensions that no other being can approach

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