WE ARE THE VICTIMS! Christians Are Evil

Islamic cleric, Sheik Gumi makes this speech after returning from Saudi Arabia where he had been detained by Saudi Police on charges yet to be disclosed but is understood to relate to his relationship with the Pant Bomber, Matallab. In this his first Tafsir (an exegesis of the Qu’ran text but now a meeting to impart ones ideas). In this Tafsir, Sheik Gumi uses the platform to condemn Christians as being the cause of all corruption in Nigeria, of being the terrorists whom, going as far as to call for revenge of the killing of the last President Murtala Mohammed which he states, the United States of America was complicit in the murder. He condemns the Nigerian Constitution as being another Christian ploy to better the lot of Christians and not Muslims and disregards it out of hand as being an unworthy document. Presents democracy as a lie and only brought into the country to be used as a tool to further the lot of Christians, as Muslims are continuously removed from government posts and Christians installed. All this ends with what can only be termed as tears of rage.

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