Research & Collation

  • Visit locations in Nigeria where religious disturbances have taken place. 
  • Record and evaluate the reasons for the violence.
  • Record and evaluate the extent of losses.
  • Determine the number of victims and the extent of assistance they need.

Advocacy & Strategy

  • Organize information and training seminars for democratic groupings and appropriate religious bodies and institutions. Making available relevant data and information for policy makers and elected officials.

  • Initiate strategic meetings, nationally and internationally, to alert about further outbreaks of violence and suggest actions to be taken to stem the tide.

Conflict Resolution

  • Establish meetings with stakeholders (government, religious & tribal leaders) in crisis-prone locations in order to help defuse tensions and stop further violence.

Humanitarian Aid & Relief

  • Donate cash and relief materials to victims.
  • Assist in relocating victims.
  • Provide trauma counselling.
  • Assist in rebuilding damaged or destroyed churches.
  • Provide scholarships.
  • Network with the international community to generate funding for further research and provision of relief in primary target zones.  


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