From 1987 to 2000, there were more than 40 incidents of so called ‘religious disturbances’ which claimed the lives of thousands of people in parts of northern Nigeria . After the particularly devastating riots in the city of Kaduna in February and May 2000, The Macedonian Initiative (MI) was formed as a platform for Christians in the southern part of the country to offer relief materials and a hand of fellowship to their northern brethren, based on the example of the Macedonian Church (2Corinthians 8:1-4).

The Macedonian Initiative (MI) is a faith-based strategy and policy institute that seeks to promote the effective establishment of enabling environments for people to co-exist peacefully, without any threat to their fundamental right to freedom of worship.


Our Motto: WISDOM IS BETTER THAN WEAPONS OF WAR (Ecclesiastes 9:18)

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